GOP lawmakers filed two bills in response to Harris County’s recent Election Day problems.
SB 2, which reverses a provision of 2021’s election bill, is among Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s legislative priorities.
Officials worry the mandate for WORM devices will deprive them of the tech they use for accurate, speedy voting results.
Election officials say Ken Paxton’s legal opinion puts them in a bind: risk breaking the law or risk provoking lawsuits.
No evidence of widespread voter fraud has been found, but Attorney General Ken Paxton has been actively pursuing election-related crimes since he took office in 2015.
Long-awaited report finds conflicting statements from polling place supervisors on whether they ran out of ballot paper.
Thrust into the job at a contentious time, Scott believed defending the integrity of Texas elections was his top priority.
In the latest fallout from Election Day woes, a GOP judicial candidate is suing to overturn her loss, citing unspecified data and “2,000 reports” of polling place problems.
Heider García no puso resistencia a las sospechas y amenazas del grupo. Los recibió y los escuchó.
After last-minute challenge from attorney general, county commissioners agree to certify those provisional votes in time for canvassing deadline.
The state’s biggest county has no central system for tracking problems, so it still can’t say how many polling places opened late, ran out of paper, or worked just fine.
In the face of their suspicions and threats, Heider Garcia didn’t fight back. He welcomed them in and listened.
Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips continue to withhold identity of person of interest in defamation case.
Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips refused to disclose the name of a mystery man who supposedly helped them investigate election software company Konnech.
Testimony from Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht muddies explanation of how they acquired evidence used to target Konnech — and who helped.
Asian voters were most disproportionately affected by ID requirement under new voting law, according to analysis by the Brennan Center.
The last day to apply to vote by mail is Oct. 28. Early voting runs from Oct. 24 to Nov. 4.
Case brought by allies of Laura Pressley sparked years-long conflict with Gillespie County election staff.
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Defamation case proceeds in Texas despite arrest of Konnech CEO in Los Angeles investigation.
In perpetual fight against distrust, election official arranged a rare test that allowed the public to mark test ballots.
“Can we go back to focusing on the testing, please?” official pleads as crowd demands answers to conspiracy theories.
Case cites election-integrity group’s own public claims that it stole data from Michigan company that makes software for managing poll workers.
Aggrieved anti-fluoride activists, low pay, and understaffing eventually drove away Gillespie County’s election officials.
Texas attorney general’s office sent multiple memos this summer instructing election officials to follow longtime precedent. Then he changed his mind.
Attorney general’s opinion invites lawsuits over long-established ballot security and subjects election officials for possible criminal charges.
After “seeking God’s guidance,” the group has engaged in year-long campaign of chasing evidence, lobbying government, and harassing an election official, with little to show for it.
The 300,000 March ballots are public records under state law, but the effort in Tarrant County may just be a warmup for endlessly disputed elections.
As an immigrant, I find our election system intimidating and confusing. That’s what makes my reporting so valuable to the communities that need it.
Paxton aggressively pursued voter fraud, but uncovered few actual cases. He’s also trying to overturn voting rights precedents.
The many circumstances that led the county to miss the state’s deadline for reporting election results.
The move is required by federal law because at least 5% of Dallas County Vietnamese-speaking citizens who are of voting age have limited English proficiency.
Here’s why the new requirement for an ID number is causing hundreds of rejected applications.
Potter County GOP chairman relents to pressure from officials after Votebeat reporting.
Republicans cheered Greg Abbott’s pick of John Scott. Surprisingly, some Democrats did too.
A mild new process for requesting reviews is paired with a spicy mandate that would be hard for the state to digest.
Why the state’s election review is so different from the one Arizona just concluded.
Buried in the GOP proposal is a requirement that could—whether by intention or just sloppy legislative work—disenfranchise thousands of voters.
They succeeded in holding up Republicans’ voting bill—for now.
Out of options in Austin, House Democrats fly to D.C., where they plan to press Congress to pass federal legislation protecting ballot access.
Here’s what’s different about Republicans’ proposal in the legislative special session.
The need for federal action on voting rights looks a lot different from the state level.
Texas Democrats took dramatic action to block the Republicans’ restrictive voting reforms, revealing the weak position the party has let itself fall into.